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[Video] Chox-Mak – Patience

Bunty Beats & Chox-Mak - Patience


Chox-Mak & Bunty Beats Drop New Mixtape “Balance”


Chox-Mak and Bunty Beats have been collaborating on projects and making music for a while now. These two have created a unique sound through Bunty’s production and Chox-Mak’s lyrics which is quite impressive. They have dropped ep’s in the past and even dropped singles together the last ep they dropped together was titled “Life After Def”. There was also another project dropped in 2012 tiltled “Boom Bap”‘ which featured nothing but hard beats and menacing word play. With their new collaboration mixtape “Balance” they switch it up from what everyone was used to hearing from them. Balance features a wide variety of music not just one specific type of sound. Balance will definitely be another great project that these two have planned for the masses. Look out more more Bunty Beats and Chox-Mak tracks dropping later in the future they are only getting started.  Balance will be exclusively uploaded on but will be on other sites available for a free download.



AudioMack Link:


Soundcloud Link:


Youtube Link:


Twitter: @Chox_Mak910 @BuntyBeats

Chox-Mak Ft. DJ YRS Jerzy – Tetris


Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy have been heating up the internet this winter with all the projects they have been dropping from songs, videos etc. This time they are back again with a track called “Tetris” which was a video game from a couple of decades ago. Now with PS4’s and Xbox One’s out people seem to have forgotten about games that were in arcades years ago. Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy bring the “Tetris” feeling back alive this time through music. This track has a video game type of feel to it with some of the instruments that are in the beat. It is just an up beat track that people can have fun with and enjoy. The production of this track was brought by Young Arcader.

Chox-Mak – No Weapons

Chox-Mak - No Weapons

One of the fastest rising recording artists has to be none other than Jacksonville, North Carolina’s own Chox-Mak. He has been making his rounds in the media for a while now and is now starting to get the attention he well deserves. With his mixtape “Cross Colours And Starter Jackets” in the works he has decided to give the people something else that isn’t featured on the project to visualize. “No Weapons” is a track that promotes positivity and tries to bring down all the negative things that are happening out in the world. The meaning behind “No Weapons” is to use your mind as a weapon and no one can stop you from reaching your goals. Chox-Mak looks to inspire his generation rather than feed into the negativity. This visual is definitely something to watch it also shows the struggles of everyday life and how you need to keep pushing to become something great in life.  The production behind this track is brought to you by Coaste Beats and was shot by Rock Royal Armani Films.


Petter Jones & Shawn Archer – My Bitch Is The Baddest


Ske Records own Petter Jones teams up Philly native Shawn Archer for “My Bitch Is The Baddest” which is a track that shows love for all the beautiful women out there.


Mistah F.A.B. talks “Hella Ratchet” mixtape, working with Ty Dolla $ign, and Oakland hip hop




Oakland is held down by a lot of veterans and Mistah F.A.B. is right up there with all the legends. Mistah F.A.B. has had all types of success over the course of his career, which dates back to 2003. Ten years is a long time to sustain such a presence in a business like this and Mistah F.A.B. is still going strong.

Last month, Mistah F.A.B. released his most-recent mixtape, Hella Ratchet, which saw him deliver more party music. Coming from the birthplace of hyphy, Mistah F.A.B. felt he owed his fans that project. He included new energy on the tape, collaborating with both Ty Dolla $ign and Iamsu! along with many more.

Mistah F.A.B. spoke to Hip Hop Vibe about his Hella Ratchet mixtape. In his conversation about the tape, Mistah F.A.B. talked about his work with Ty Dolla $ign. Mistah F.A.B. also talked about the Oakland hip hop scene and the new talent mixing with the older talent, pushing it forward, and his position in the game.

Read the entire interview below:

What was the concept behind your new mixtape, Hella Ratchet? The new mixtape was just to give some of the core fans some of the Mistah F.A.B. music they have been missing. This is the hyphy, party, ratchet, music that I had branched away from. The fans were asking me for it, so I gave it to them.

How long did it take you to put this project together compared to your other releases? Personally, I can do a project overnight. Time has never been the issue, it’s just been whether I want to do one or not.

When you put a project out, what are your goals in regards to how you want to impact the masses? I just make the music, this project was special because it was something I chose to do for the fans, but I usually make the music I want to make and it depends on how I feel at the time.

You featured Ty Dolla $ign on the record, “Another Bitch,” how do you feel about that track? I like that record, it’s a nice record, and I like Ty Dolla $ign. Traxamillion is one of my favorite producers and he did the record. It was good to get back in the studio with him after all the success we have. A lot of people like the record and we might do a video for it.

Ty Dolla $ign is having an amazing year, as are several newer West Coast artists, does it remind you of the era when you were coming up? This new run for the new guys is amazing. What happens is that when one artist blows up from an area, they go after more. So, the success of Tyga and Kendrick Lamar opened doors for Iamsu!, Ty Dolla $ign, Problem, and many more. Their success has placed a lot of industry attention on the West Coast.

As a whole, how are you feeling about the Oakland hip hop scene and the new artists coming up? I love my city and I love the artists in my city. I’m glad people are finally paying attention to my city and I wish everyone well, both the veterans and the newcomers.

You did feature one notable up-and-coming Oakland emcee in Iamsu! on Hella Ratchet, do you see a bright future for him in the industry? He’s a great artist, very talented, very creative. There is no limit for him and he is his own limit. Wherever he wants to take himself, he can do it. He has a great team around him, management, PR, and the HBK Gang are taking over. Whatever he wants to do, he can do it, so it is good to see guys like him get a chance in the game.

When mentioning the Oakland hip hop scene, obviously Mac Dre has to be mentioned, can you speak on one of your fonder memories with him? He was just a great guy. There’s not much more to be said besides we miss him dearly and I wish he could’ve lived to realize his potential and reach his greatness.

How can we connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? My Twitter is @MistahFAB, Facebook is FabbyDavisJr, my Instagram is fabbydavisJr1, I always try to talk to my people because I am a people’s person, the people’s champ.

Twitter: @HipHopVibe1 @MistahFAB @IAMDJYRSJERZY

DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak release the cover to their debut mixtape “Cross Colours And Starter Jackets”


Two of the most impressive acts on the internet have to be none other than DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak. They have been working harder than ever in these last couple of months showing everyone that they have something to prove. There impressive work ethic has them being noticed by some of the industry’s most important people. Now with their debut mixtape “Cross Colours And Starter Jackets” in the works they feel like it’s time for everyone to see what they have been building such a hype for. For everyone that is now discovering DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak they have a movement called “90’s Flow” which is all about taking you back to the 1990’s era of hip hop. Many people feel like there isn’t enough real music out here and Chox-Mak is out here trying to make a change to that. DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak deliver the cover to their debut mixtape “Cross Colours And Starter Jackets” which is in the works and will be scheduled to drop in a couple months. This mixtape has nothing but 1990’s hip hop instrumentals with the vocals and rhymes of Chox-Mak and it will be hosted by DJ YRS Jerzy. The graphic design on this mixtape cover was brought to you by Scotland’s own Bunty Beats.

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