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Chox-Mak & Bunty Beats Drop New Mixtape “Balance”


Chox-Mak and Bunty Beats have been collaborating on projects and making music for a while now. These two have created a unique sound through Bunty’s production and Chox-Mak’s lyrics which is quite impressive. They have dropped ep’s in the past and even dropped singles together the last ep they dropped together was titled “Life After Def”. There was also another project dropped in 2012 tiltled “Boom Bap”‘ which featured nothing but hard beats and menacing word play. With their new collaboration mixtape “Balance” they switch it up from what everyone was used to hearing from them. Balance features a wide variety of music not just one specific type of sound. Balance will definitely be another great project that these two have planned for the masses. Look out more more Bunty Beats and Chox-Mak tracks dropping later in the future they are only getting started.  Balance will be exclusively uploaded on but will be on other sites available for a free download.



AudioMack Link:


Soundcloud Link:


Youtube Link:


Twitter: @Chox_Mak910 @BuntyBeats


Chox-Mak Ft. DJ YRS Jerzy – Mak Matics


The rise of Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy is moving at a rapid rate with everything they have planned they will definitely be on top of the game soon. Remixing Asap Nast’s latest release “Trillmatic” which also featured Method Man it was only right for Chox-Mak to go off of the single just off the old school sound of the beat. Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy’s movement “90’s Flow” is all about the good vibes and music surrounding the 1990’s era of hip hop. The instrumental was produced by Ty Beats who also worked with School Boy Q and a couple of other big names in the industry. This track “Mak Matics” is sure to give the 90’s Flow movement more exposure in the industry. Stay tuned to see what else Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy have in store for their fans.

Petter Jones Ft. Trel Mack & Shawn Archer – Three


Real Big Faces Interview: Trel Mack


Introduce yourself?

My name is Trel Mack an up and coming artist from the city of Philadelphia signed to my own independent label SKE Records.

What was the first project you have ever did, and what have u learned from it now that you didn’t know back then?

 My very first project was “The Mack of The Year” that was back in 2007, it was new to me to understand the business and marketing that goes behind releasing a project. Also it just crazy how I have grown as an artist and when I look back at my material, you can just see the growth.  It was the same with my 2008 release “The New Dynasty” and it funny how “Inspired By Greatness” my 2012 EP is the one that has taken my career to the next level.

   What inspired you to label yourself Trel Mack?

Well people have always viewed me as a ladies man and my real name is Katrel, so there you go Trel Mack lol.

 Is it true u have u have been featured on Mtv, The Source, DJ Khaled’s &

Yeah SKE Records go hard and shout to my bro, Q The Question, Q believes in my talent a lot and saw the vision, he been going hard for me and now it’s paying off. Being on The Source was a dream come true and even the other big outlets that just feel in love with the music and support the movement. 

   I see u have co – founded a record label as well as being an artist, tell us some of the challenges of managing those 2 things at the same time?

   It’s tough because I always have to focus on my music and then join in with Q The Question and DJ YRS Jerzy on the next business moves. Business is always before music as it a crazy job to understand marketing and much more. Running a label is not easy especially when you are independent learning to brand yourself one day at a time.

  If you had a chance to do a feature with a major artist who would it be and why?

   I would love to work with Big Krit, Wiz Khalifa, Drake, Kendrick Lamar and also J. Cole. Those dudes I just mentioned are beast on the mics and are keeping hip-hop culture alive. J. Cole “Born Sinner” album is amazing and I love the record “Let Nas Down”. It only a matter of time before I’m in the studio with them dudes.

I see you have a new video titled “Trust No One” What inspired that single, and who is the feature actor in the video?

Well the song is about how you can’t trust anyone in life and it features me, Q The Question, Petter Jones and Shawn Archer. It was a team project for sure and we are all so amazed the great feedback the video has been receiving in 2013 it going to be crazy.

You have recently dropped a new mixtape “Inspired By Greatness” explain a bit about that?

  Yeah my 2012 ep “Inspired by Greatness” was crazy and it caught fire on the net and I’m so thankful for all the fans who love it. Many fans favorite record is “Dreams of a Winner” and “No Holding Back”. Fans are waiting for a video to “Who He Think He Is” and “One & Only” which are coming soon. The beat selection I took my time and took mad time to write the songs and now the feedback is being well respected among the industry.

Where do u see yourself in the next 5 – 10 years from now?

SKE Records a major conglomerate and I would love to go down as one of the best to do it and keep this hip-hop culture alive.

What do you hate about the music industry and think should be changed?

The politics the politics will never change lol, but it’s part of the territory.

Have you ever worked with any major artist or dj’s before?

Soon I will as many big timers are taking notice of the SKE movement I can’t name any names, me and Q was talking about this the other day. The key is to keep working let them respect the craft and soon hits with other big names are on the way.

 What would u advise to all the new upcoming artists trying to be successful in the hip hop game?

Study the business and read, read, read. This game is really business first music second, many artists have great talent but have no business mind of how to generate money and push their craft, the lack of knowledge hurts many artist.

What’s your definition of success?

 It depends with each individual but to keep his basic, being free in the mind and being able to provide for my family.

Who do you think are some of the hottest artists out right now that inspire you and why?

I’m working with a new artist Tatianna Barbosa and she is a beast, also SKE Records has Petter Jones he on the rise too. I also like Chris Brown I believe we can make a hit and Big Sean too, cats be sleeping on Big Sean. His album “Finally Famous” his first major album was dope to me, I love his record with John Legend.

If you could change one thing about yourself as an artist what would it be?

 I want to learn to make beats. I was working on it for a bit and fell back, now it’s time to get back on it. Big Krit and J. Cole inspire me as there are producing their own projects.

 How can people get at you if they wanted to work with you?

Talk to Q The Question hit him on twitter @qthequestion and check


Chox-Mak Ft. DJ YRS Jerzy – Tetris


Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy have been heating up the internet this winter with all the projects they have been dropping from songs, videos etc. This time they are back again with a track called “Tetris” which was a video game from a couple of decades ago. Now with PS4’s and Xbox One’s out people seem to have forgotten about games that were in arcades years ago. Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy bring the “Tetris” feeling back alive this time through music. This track has a video game type of feel to it with some of the instruments that are in the beat. It is just an up beat track that people can have fun with and enjoy. The production of this track was brought by Young Arcader.

Petter Jones & Shawn Archer – My Bitch Is The Baddest


Ske Records own Petter Jones teams up Philly native Shawn Archer for “My Bitch Is The Baddest” which is a track that shows love for all the beautiful women out there.


DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak release the cover to their debut mixtape “Cross Colours And Starter Jackets”


Two of the most impressive acts on the internet have to be none other than DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak. They have been working harder than ever in these last couple of months showing everyone that they have something to prove. There impressive work ethic has them being noticed by some of the industry’s most important people. Now with their debut mixtape “Cross Colours And Starter Jackets” in the works they feel like it’s time for everyone to see what they have been building such a hype for. For everyone that is now discovering DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak they have a movement called “90’s Flow” which is all about taking you back to the 1990’s era of hip hop. Many people feel like there isn’t enough real music out here and Chox-Mak is out here trying to make a change to that. DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak deliver the cover to their debut mixtape “Cross Colours And Starter Jackets” which is in the works and will be scheduled to drop in a couple months. This mixtape has nothing but 1990’s hip hop instrumentals with the vocals and rhymes of Chox-Mak and it will be hosted by DJ YRS Jerzy. The graphic design on this mixtape cover was brought to you by Scotland’s own Bunty Beats.

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